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Non-isolated Rectangular 0-10V dimmable LED driver board 25W

Model No. HB-FL19F025
Input Voltage AC120-277V
Brand Name March
Output Power DC60-80V
Output Voltage 25W
Output Current 290mA
Efficiency 90%
PF 0.9
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1. Wide voltage input, non-isolated, high efficiency, high PF value, 0-10V dimming, 12V auxiliary power supply.2.Mini size, suitable for a variety of different small size lamps and lanterns structure, built-in lock screw installation.

3. Half-glue design, with good heat dissipation performance, suitable for use in confined spaces.

4. Suitable for: wall lamps, floodlights, street lights and other power supply built-in installation of lamps and lanterns

5. Certification: Comply with UL/FCC/CE certification standards.

6. Warranty: five years \50000H

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