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Isolated Round 0-10V dimmable LED driver 30W

Model No. MR-G030S080DV
Input Voltage AC220-240V
Brand Name March
Output Power 33-48Vdc
Output Voltage 20W-30W
Output Current 350-800mA
Efficiency 86%
PF 0.92
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1. The circular plastic shell isolatedpower supply, flicker-free.

2. High performance, high efficiency,high PF, low standby power consumption, in line with the latest ERP standards.

3. Built-in power supply, suitable forindustrial lighting, special lighting, explosion proof lighting.

4. With SCP/0CP/0PP protectionfunction.

5. Surge protection: L-N: 4KV, L/N-FG:6KV.

6. With CCC.CE certificationstandards.

7. Warranty: 5 years.

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